An explosion of flavours

September 29, 2014

A warm welcome to sensational flavours- they will bring your chilled section to life.

Lovablies 4 Seasons: Four tantalizing creations that light up your senses and that – once tasted – are never forgotten. The secret: Extravagant, fresh recipes composed with lots of love and a culinary eye for detail. These are delicate creations that deliver refreshing moments to trendsetting gourmet fans who demand quality and surprising flavour combinations. Lovablies tickle your taste buds all year round.

Lovablies in Motion: “Cherish your body” and “Life is peachy”, two products with Cacao extract & enriched with proteins. “Cherish your body” unites all the characteristics that embody the spirit of well-being: Besides the well balanced taste, it is also great for your body with “no added sugar”. “Life is peachy” allows you to indulge yourself with the perfectly balanced notes of sun ripened soft fruits, the unique aroma of passion fruit and delightful dairy.