Business case 1

We receive requests from clients where we send a first round of samples. The customer evaluates these samples and comes back with remarks of how to adjust the samples to get them closer to what (s)he is looking for. We send another round of samples until we get to the desired result. This costs  – relatively  – a lot of time and money (shipping costs). We found that it works really efficient and pleasant when a customer comes over for a day or two to work together on the development of a new product or matching of an existing product. That way we can make the adjustments while the customer is here and taste the product right after. At the same time there is time in between the tasting sessions to have tour around our factories, visit local Dutch supermarkets for market research and inspiration. During dinner and/or lunch together we get a better understanding of each other’s business, products and markets. This is a very efficient and pleasant way of working. It has occurred that thanks to this way of working the client had a new product on the shelf within six weeks!