It all started in the early sixties with Passi AG in Switzerland who introduced “passion fruit juice” to the industry in Europe. Over time, we became known as a well-established supplier of high quality tropical juices, purees and concentrates. The Passina label has continuously been a symbol of quality and reliability through the years.

Today Passina is a trustworthy provider of juice-products. Our service is personal and tailored to each individual customer. We specialise in customised blends, raw materials and products related to passion fruit.

Mission (our passion)

In our capacity as a producer, we strive to realise the potential of farmers, plants and suppliers in various countries of origin. This is part of what enables us to supply you with high quality fruit derived products on which you can rely.

Our promise

Some things we do well, many things we do very well and some things we do to perfection. But everything we do, we give it our best and we do with passion.