Passina Products NL BV
Passina Products is buying and selling fruit & vegetable juices, purees, concentrates and blends in the European, African, Middle Eastern and Asian markets. At the same time Passina Products coordinates the activities of all the companies of the Passina Group.

In most countries our sales offices have direct contacts with our customers. In selected countries we work with local agents.

The benefits of a partnership with Passina

  1. A tailor made product
  2. Assistance for your R&D department
  3. One supplier instead of many
  4. Guaranteed consistent quality
  5. Clear information regarding lead times and deliveries
  6. A decrease in overhead costs for inventory, production, storage, transport and pre-finance.
  7. A reliable certified partner.

Concentra Netherlands BV
Concentra Netherlands BV is our production facility in the Netherlands.

Pick any solution that is right for you. Concentra Netherlands BV can standardise, repack or blend single strength juices and purees and concentrates. The packaging varies from frozen in drums to aseptic in drums, Bag in Boxes or IBC containers. If you would like your product chilled in a tank car that is no problem either.

Any of your toll processing questions will be handled efficiently by Concentra Netherlands BV.