Because our greatest value is our knowledge, our international experts contribute to the knowledge and expertise of the company business

We create new research and business with our partnering labs, research centres, universities, institutions

Thanks to our worldwide network, we distribute and commercialise the passion fruit based products to our international clients.


We control the whole process from the farm to our customers ensuring the quality of our products comply with international certification standards.

We take care of our staff, partners and local communities around the world who contribute to our success

We are passionate experts in passion fruit applications, solutions and products.

Our resources

Our 50+ years of expertise and knowledge in passion fruit have helped us acquire an international reputation as renowned experts, and earned us a reputation as a consistent and reliable market player…

Supply chain

We aim to exercise full control over our value chain in order to bring high value products to our clients and support local farming communities. We are present in the fields, supporting farmers with seedlings and technical assistance…