At Passina, we’re constantly seeking out new ways to deliver products and applications that perfectly fit our clients needs and sectors, such as confectionary, food preparations, dairy and bakery.
With over 50 years of experience to draw on, we are experts in applications for many sectors and we are looking to became expert also in sectors pending to be explored.
Our projects extend from composition concept development to beverage formula development and from research support to manufacturing. All our reliable and tailor-made solutions will help you to transform your ideas and concepts into tangible benefits for your business.

Food & Food preps

Passion fruit has all kinds of applications in food preparation (especially in desserts/puddings), including in savoury dishes and salads, bringing a taste of exotica.
If you are in the food preparation business, we could have the solutions you need.


If you are looking to develop new and innovative combinations involving passion fruit, you’ve come to the right place.
We draw on our extensive expertise to work with clients to find the best solution, based on our broad passion fruit product portfolio, in compliance with international regulations and consumers demand.


With our intimate knowledge of passion fruit, we’re ideally placed to help you develop sweets, snacks, biscuits, candied fruits and all kinds of treats for consumers in search of variety.
Passion fruit seeds can act as an ingredient to add enriching fibre to dietetic snacks and products.
There’s little we don’t know about this fruit, and we’re always happy to share.

Flavours & essences

Imagine if within your fragrance assortment, you also include passion fruit extract, oil, powder and all its derivatives... The effect will be positively explosive!
Collaborating with our researchers, creators and trend watchers can help you to identify new flavours to enrich your product portfolio in food and gastronomy, cosmetics, perfumes and also, why not, in household products.


In a fast-growing consuming market, the beauty industry thrives on new consumer trends, such as natural cosmetics. Passion fruit seed oil, which has high-unsaturated fatty acid content and is rich in antioxidants, fits perfectly in new DIY cosmetics and wellness products.
We can help you assess how your products can integrate passion fruit ingredients into new beauty care products.

Nutritional & health supplements

Every day, scientific reports highlight the benefits of including fruit ingredients in formulas for nutraceuticals or nutritional supplements.
Passion fruit leaves, extracts or juice are used to help reducing sleep disorder, nervousness or restlessness, reducing wheezing and coughs, improving shortness of breath in adults with asthma and as an anti-inflammatory agent.
Superfood products may include passion fruit oil in their formula as unsaturated fatty acids, with great benefits for consumer health.
We support innovative investigations, working together with firms, labs or research centres to explore the various ways in which passion fruit ingredients can be included in recipe formulas.