We are keenly aware of the role of our business and its effects on local community economies and the environment alike.

We are therefore consciously engaged in minimising negative impacts while maximising benefits to all stakeholders throughout the food chain.



We care deeply for the planet, and we make effort to support the environment through our activities, including soil and water conservation.
Whenever we embark on a new project, we take care of both the ingredients we source from nature and all the people involved in the project.
Certifications: Passina boasts a range of international certifications, testifying to our ongoing commitment and respect for the environment throughout our approach.


We take care of our staff, partners and local communities around the world helping them build better places in which to live.
The safety of our employees is a central concern and we ensure to provide required protective equipment and safety guidelines. We are proud to maintain a diverse workforce and condemn discrimination of any kind. We respect and support the local communities where Passina produces and/or processes our passion fruit. We make sure our local teams enjoy a safe and inclusive workplace.



We aim to support local farmer communities by providing technical assessment in both the cultivation and post-harvest of passion fruit in areas where we know our associated growers can get a better yield, thus saving both effort and money, enjoying a better quality of life.